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DynDNS Control Panel


Direktlink für die Administration bei den Addons
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Wer lieber die Administration der Module Applikation Wizard (APW) oder Sub & Domain Manager (SDM) über einen Link direkt im Hauptnavigationsmenu aufrufen möchte, kann das folgender maßen tun:

Noch einen Custom-Button anlegen:

Button label: APW Admin bzw. SDM Admin
Location: navigationmenu
Priority: 100
Background image: choose the logo.gif of the ZIP
URL: /appwizard/index.php?admin=do&onlyadm=1 bzw. /subdomedit/index.php?admin=do&onlyadm=1
Include domain id: NO
Include domain name: NO
Include FTP Login: NO
Include FTP password: NO
Include client id: NO
Include client's company name: NO
Include client's contact name: NO
Include client's e-mail: NO
Context help tip contents: whatever you want
Open URL in the Control Panel: YES
Visible to all sub-logins: NO



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