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After a lots of inquiries I've added the RDNS blacklist management. Like the other lists now you can put the entries directly from the overview to the RDNS blacklist. To use the RNDS blacklist you have to modifiy your installed spamdyke config, because we have to tell spamdyke that it has to use now a RDNS blacklist.

At first, create the RDNS blacklist file: touch "/var/qmail/spamdyke/blacklist_rdns"

Then we have to put into the spamdyke.conf the information where spamdyke find the file:  rdns-blacklist-file=/var/qmail/spamdyke/blacklist_rdns

After that it's important to readd the rights to those users who having the rights to manage their own RNDS lists, because the SCP must create the needed files.

Additionally the SCP got a CSV export of the selected overview.


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