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FTP User Manager - Changelog

Version 2.0.3
Bugfix if a additional domain user in Plesk 10 try to use the FUM

Version 2.0.2
Bugfix of error if a customer try to use the FUM

Version 2.0.1

View fix for Plesk 10.4.x

Version 2.0
New GUI and complete code redesign!

Version 1.6.2
Bugfix for Plesk 10. Wrong CSS implementation!

Version 1.6.1
Implementation for Plesk Version 10.1.1 and higher so use the FUM without
the HaggybearController. Custombutton path is like in Plesk 9. (e.g. /fum/index.php)

Version 1.6
Username creation with dash now possible. Check function added to check
if a ftp user is working

Version 1.5.1
Fix for the shell account creation and creating a new ftp account when
a webuser exists.

Version 1.5
Many Bugfixes and complete integration and handling of Plesk Web-Wsers

Version 1.4.6
Bugfix deleting FTP-User when unlimited FTP-User is set

Version 1.4.5
Allow or disallow shell access of the created FTP-Users

Version 1.4
Set the allowed FTP-User for a domain or set unlimited FTP-Accounts

Version 1.3.4

404 not found fix

Version 1.3.2
Plesk 9 white page fix

Version 1.3.1
Plesk 9 Fix for 'Level Up' and wrong view with other installed addons.

Version 1.3
Fixed Bug if the plesk default user will be changed the FUM automatically edit the entries in the plesk db tables sys_users and accounts

Version 1.2.8
Securityfix and deeper Plesk implementation.

Version 1.2.1
Fixed User-Management (changing user-name) Directory check embedded.

Version 1.2
Fixed UIN management. New ftp user for the same domain getting the UIN of the main ftp user. All ftp users are changeable.

Version 1.0
Tested on SuSE and Debian systems!!!


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